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Interested in hiring a Golf Tournament Photographer? The traditional “Foursome Photo” is becoming the most sought after sponsorship choice due to advancements in “photo sharing” technology which expands the potential market base that a sponsor can reach. The exponential growth of photo sharing via social media platforms, creates opportunities for sponsors to have their logo/brand seen virtually by millions of potential customers. Our service incorporates the familiar golf photography & on-site printing but capitalizes on using social media integration to guarantee your sponsor’s brand is prominently included in the design of the photo element as well as strategies to assure a far reaching audience.

Our ‘On-the-Green’ Photographer captures each team on the course.

Golf Tournament Photographer

On-Site Printing

Open Golf FolderChoice of either a 3×4, 4×6 or 5×7 print size. Photos are mounted in photo folders. Sponsorship credits may be:

  • Designed into the picture
  • Printed on the folder.
Sponsor Branded Digital Photo
Sponsor Branded Digital Photo
Photos (with sponsor credit) can be:
  • Posted on Tournament’s Facebook
  • Sent via text or email to the players.
  • Posted to a sponsor branded website or Dropbox.
  • Details…


    Print Sizes


    Available print sizes:

    • 3″ x 4″
    • 4″ x 6″
    • 5″ x 7″
    Photo Folders
    Standard Folder

    Standard Photo Folder
    Premium Golf Style Folder

    Premium Golf Style Folder
    Printed Sponsor Branding
    We offer 2 types of printed sponsor branding.
    Standard Folder

    Digital Overlay on Photo
    Standard Folder
    Foil Stamped Photo Folder
    Digital Sponsor Branding
    We create a “Sponsor Branded Digital Photo (below) is created for each team. Sponsors graphics are designed for your players to share on social media. We offer 2 Sponsor Branded Digital Photo Packages:

    Standard Sponsor Branded Digital Photo Package

    • Live updating Facebook Album – instantly upload team photos to your tournaments Facebook page.
    • Post-Event Dropbox Gallery – receive a dropbox gallery of all team photos.

    Premium Sponsor Branded Digital Photo Package

    • Text Message or Email – players can receive an individual message with their team photo.
    • Sponsor Branded Website – upload all team photos to a sponsor branded website. This allows for more graphics/information regarding the sponsor.

    Standard Folder

    Sponsor Branded Digital Photo

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    What makes your service different than what other photographers offer for golf tournaments?
    What options are available for the printed photos and folders?
    What is a “sponsor-branded digital image”?
    How does the digital image process work?

    How will my sponsorship be recognized in the community?

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